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Ultralight and highly responsive, Adizero shoes are made with the fastest athlete’s needs in mind. Built to handle the quick instincts and split-second reactions of world-class competitors, these shoes will keep up with every step and stride.


Sprinting from the scrimmage line, rallying across the court or chasing a line drive over infield, every adidas Adizero sneaker provides the support to withstand sport’s toughest performances. The lightweight, breathable construction allows for reaching top speeds in comfort, promoting prolonged use. Strength, precision and stability ready when you need it.

Speed is everything when you have moments to react. Earn every second with this lightweight collection of shoes. Inspired by the need of speedsters across multiple sports, each shoe is engineered for quickness without compromising on comfort and durability.


Every serve, rally and strike, Adizero is able to handle the most intense cross-court cuts and movements. Speed and power meet at a moment’s notice, and you need a shoe that will respond to every swing and step taken. With knitted mesh and Lightstrike cushioning, you will never be at a disadvantage within the lines.


adidas worked with some of the fastest athletes on the planet to produce the most elite running shoes. Their ultralight internal fit system reduces pressure and provides lockdown. Run with powerful speed having nothing to hold you back. Light and form fitting design promise a fast and steady run for miles to come. Reach top speeds on any terrain with Adizero.