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The superior fit, flexible support and top-tier resilience of adidas Alphabounce shoes make them a go-to choice for athletes looking to push the limits of their endurance. The ribbed, angular styling of Alphabounce shoes is a product of the seamless Forgedmesh technology, designed for premium support and a fit that stretches with every move. Redefine your boundaries on the track and trail, or gain an edge on the court and field. Alphabounce shoes can take your game to the next level.


Streamlined and futuristic, Alphabounce running shoes feature a one-piece Forgedmesh upper and a stretched Bounce midsole for heightened linear and multidirectional support. The durable Continental Rubber™ outsole maintains traction amidst complex footwork, whether that means navigating a technical single track or threading a muddy field of competitors. With each iteration, adidas continues to evolve Alphabounce running shoes with game-changing designs like Alphabounce Beyond and Alphabounce Instinct. No matter your splits, Alphabounce running shoes will empower you to break boundaries and shatter your PR.


Alphabounce running shoes launched in the summer of 2016 as high-performance running shoes with an adaptive fit for runners and versatile athletes. The shape of Alphabounce came from using the Aramis motion capture technology system to measure foot mechanics as an athlete moves. Through motion sensory, the system captured the strain and tension pressure caused by various materials against the foot. The insights gained resulted in technically advanced Alphabounce running shoes, designed to support different athletic movements in training.