Polyester Clothing


Polyester clothing

Get a jump on the competition with apparel made for performance. The adidas range of polyester clothing capitalises on the fantastic characteristics of the versatile fabric. Central to polyester's functionality is that it is strong despite being lightweight. This makes the material perfect for use on the sporting field as polyester gear won’t slow you down. Durable and resistant to tears, polyester fibres hold their shape under strain. Decked out in these clothes you can have confidence when pushing the boundaries as they won’t stretch or rip. Take your workouts to the next level with purpose-built polyester adidas sportswear.

Don’t let sweat become a problem

Polyester is one of the quickest drying fabrics available on the market, meaning you can forget about any horrible sticky feeling while exercising. Polyester clothing absorbs moisture as your body produces it and leaves behind a dry surface. Nasty sweat patches will be a thing of the past and so will chafing. Also well-suited to adventures outdoors, polyester clothing dries fast after rain and doesn’t leave you damp. Set off and tackle whichever trails you want knowing that the elements won’t curtail your fun.

Versatile in different settings

Polyester clothing doesn’t just come in one form. Various production processes create weaves including doubleknit, fleece, mock eyelet, interlock and plain weave. Each weave has its own set of specific characteristics that allows the adidas range to perform to the demands of different sports. Recycled polyester is used for many models and is sourced from existing PET such as plastic bottles. This means fewer resources are required and the manufacturing footprint is reduced. Step up to protect the environment by choosing adidas apparel that supports sustainability. The adidas polyester clothing product line includes t-shirts, tracksuits, jackets, hoodies and swimwear. Get kitted out from head to toe or fill a specific need. The collection covers casual lifestyle fits as well as running, football, winter sports, golf, yoga, basketball and tennis.