Girls Gloves


Girls' gloves

Inspire future FIFA Women World Cup winners with our wide selection of training goalkeeper gloves for girls. These the classic training goalkeeper glovesfeature soft grip 2.0 latex for firm handling and comfy cushioning to see you through even the longest of games. Alternatively, get your little champion into the top training fingersave goalkeeper girls' gloves, available in silver or black. This range guarantees a customized fit due to its full-wrap wrist strap. And for the girls who model their game on their favourite sporting heroes, the Real Madrid young pro goalkeeper gloves will add that sentimental touch. This set sports the iconic Madrid Football Club crest on the back palm of the glove, making it insistently distinctive. If it’s just protection from the winter cold elements your little one seeks, then why not opt for a pair of graphic mittens with fleece lining to keep their little hands warm.

Take your game to the next level

Never before has women’s football enjoyed the praise, respect and the spotlight it deserves. Today, little girls the world over can easily see themselves as future footballing superstars. adidas provides a range of gloves for ambitious girls with the correct design and technology behind to ensuring reliable, durable products. The latex finish of these gloves will ensure your daughter’s grip is faultless as she secures the football in her hands. Take comfort in the adidas wrist strap design too, which ensures that your active one’s propensity for injury will be reduced as they run and jump across the field. This safety feature extends into the finger design, which incorporates spines that will support her hand as she catches and throws the ball. The adidas collection of girls' gloves is the perfect accompaniment to anyone with an active lifestyle. Whether it’s for big school tournaments, a tough practice session or even just a leisurely kick about with friends or family, these gloves are designed to get the job done.

Cosy and cute or sturdy and sporty girls' gloves

Whether your sporty youngster needs some mittens for cold weather training or a pair of fully-fledged goalkeeper gloves, we can provide them. For the really little ones, we have cosy mittens made with a moisture-absorbing polyester fleece that help to keep little hands dry from the inside and outside. These are available in larger sizes too. Our goalkeeping and other sports gloves have secure wrist straps and soft-grip foam reinforced palms. They also have a ventilated cut to prevent sweat from building up, thus stopping our girls' gloves from slipping around the hands.