Hoodies for Girls

adidas hoodies for girls make sure your young ones stay warm as the temperature drops. A great choice of colours, stylish detailing and out and out comfort mean they won't want to take them off!

Hoodies for girls

Sometimes the weather isn't quite warm enough for your little ones to just throw on a T-shirt, yet not so cold that they require a coat. In these moments, the perfect in-between garment can be found in the adidas collection of hoodies for girls. From toddlers to teenagers and everyone in-between, girls will be spoilt for choice with adidas’ wide range of hooded designs. From the Trefoil to the 3-Stripes, winterized, hooded track tops and fitted hoodies, your girl can choose from a range of hoodies in dark and bright colour pallets, bold prints and floral patterns.

A range of fits, styles and colours

adidas gives you multiple options from regular and slim fits, to slip-ons or hoodies with a full zip. This selection of hoodies for girls has been designed with long sleeves and ribbed cuffs with a cotton and polyester blend that will envelop kids and teens alike in a cocoon of softness. Our regular fit designs allow for unrestricted mobility too, ensuring kids can remain as adventurous as ever. Alternatively, if you desire a sportier look for your young ones, you can also indulge in a slim fit that is snug throughout the arms and body. Putting on and taking off the hoodies for girls is easy too, with designs offering both slip-on and full zip styles. And which young girl doesn’t enjoy the functionality of pockets for all her valuables? Cell phone, pocket money and lip gloss can all be accommodated by either the side slip or kangaroo pockets.

Versatile athleisure looks

Create multiple athleisure looks by pairing your hoodie with tights, tracksuit pants or gym shorts. For a more casual look, trade-in your tights, tracksuits pants and shorts for denim jeans, denim shorts or short, denim skirt. For a more collegiate inspired look, tie your hoodie around your shoulders so that it drapes casually down your back. And when it gets too hot for you to keep the hoodie on, simply slip it off and tie it around your waist.