Girls Tennis Clothing


Girls tennis clothing

The journey to the top is a long and difficult one, so young players should be equipped with the very best to support their journey. This selection of girls tennis clothing is here to offer apparel that can support juniors from the first serve to the final shot, using the same innovative sportswear technology that is trusted by the world’s best players at Grand Slam competitions. From targeted ventilation that helps keep the wearer cool and comfortable to an ergonomic design that allows for a full range of body movement during a game, girls can benefit from the very best when they’re on court with this collection of clothing.

Take it to the next level

Young players should be aiming to get better every time they step out on to the court, and that’s only possible with apparel that’s prepared to support them while they develop their game. From tank tops and t-shirts to skirts and dresses, the girls’ tennis clothing found here has been developed with the world’s best in mind to offer unbeatable apparel for young players. From innovative sweat-wicking fabrics that work to keep the wearer cooler and drier for longer to elasticated waists and built-in shorts for added support, this kit is ready for casual practice and intense rallies alike.

Your game, your style

Let juniors express themselves on the court, with their game and with their kit. The iconic sportswear style that adidas is known for can be found in full effect with this selection of girls tennis clothing, featuring everything from simple solid colours for summer tournaments to futuristic kit that sports bold colourways and head-turning prints. With elite-level apparel that incorporates fashion-forward designs, this selection of girls tennis clothing is perfect for young players who are looking to make a statement.

Girls’ tennis clothing: handle the competition with performance and poise

From learning the basics to the first tournament, our girls’ tennis clothing collection allows her to adopt the brimming confidence and poise of a pro on any playing surface. Separates and dresses preview exclusive moisture-absorbing fabrics for maintaining her cool under pressure while ergonomic design features promote full range of motion for an effective all-round performance. Whether she prefers a power game or the classic serve and volley, our products keep her well equipped to handle the competition.