Gold Football Boots


Gold Football Boots

Celebrate a favourite player’s success in winning the coveted Ballon d’Or award, or simply add a touch of panache to your football gear with adidas gold football boots. These gold football boots deliver all the qualities you need to excel on the pitch along with a shimmer of gold that practically announces success on the field. Many of the models were designed in cooperation with famous players who have won the Ballon d’Or, such as Zinédine Zidane.

Boots for different playing surfaces

While it may be tempting to choose gold football boots purely for the beauty they offer, it’s still important to make sure that their soles are suited to the playing surface you’ll be on. For playing on firm surfaces, look for adidas gold football boots that have metal or tough hybrid studs to get the traction needed for fast turns and maximum speed when running across the pitch.

Laceless or lace-up styles for a snug fit

Gold football boots designed with a laceless construction have a secure mesh upper that gives you a sense of being locked in without having shoelaces in the way. This is a benefit for players who use their upper foot as a striking area when kicking the ball. Lace-up styles offer the same kind of snug fit with the additional benefit of allowing you to increase the snugness of your adidas gold football boots by simply adjusting your shoelaces.

Features for optimum comfort and performance

Other optional features to consider when choosing a pair of gold football boots include stitched or grippy-textured uppers that offer extra control over the ball, and mesh panels that enhance breathability. Anatomically designed heels are also featured in some models, offering a locked-in fit that prevents uncomfortable chafing of the heel area when you’re running full speed across the field. With plenty of inherent style, these boots are also top of their class for comfort and performance.

Gold football boots and shoes for extra pitch flair

Designed with the idea of throwing a nod towards the Ballon d’Or football award, adidas gold football shoes combine perfect functionality with a little bit of extra style for the ultimate show of field dominance. With all the right technology to support your soft-surface, hard-surface or indoor football needs, gold football boots maintain all the high-performance you need for your game, with that extra shimmer of cool. Try gold football shoes and boots for an extra spring of confidence in your attack.