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Harden Vol 8

Form and function: James Harden's performance footwear, powered by JET BOOST.

James Harden Shoes & Apparel

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"I want people to recognize my shoes from a mile away."

James Harden

Get inspired on and off the court in our James Harden collection

With our James Harden range of basketball clothes, you get a mixture of pro-performance sports technology combined with a cool street style. Shoes in this range have textile uppers made from an extremely lightweight and breathable material. On the inside is another layer of textile lining and your feet are cushioned by our flexible Bounce midsole contours. These are high-traction basketball shoes – we use a herringbone pattern on the outsoles, which are made from durable and grippy rubber. They're made in a regular fit and secured by a very ergonomic lacing system, so they're quick and easy to adjust in the middle of a game. The Harden range also includes tracksuit bottoms that are great for practise and gym work. They have moisture-absorbing properties built into their recycled polyester fabric, to which we add double-weave elastane for flexibility. This is also a lightweight fabric; perforated panels and moisture-absorbent AEROREADY technology give cooling breathability.

You'll find plenty of use for your James Harden basketball clothes

Of course you'll want to try out your new James Harden gear on the court, which is where you'll instantly appreciate how comfortable it is. You'll also enjoy the extra traction you'll feel, giving you a very secure feeling underfoot, and the confidence to launch into your shots or lunges as hard as you need to. They'll help to keep you cool with the breathable properties and combine very well with adidas basketball socks to enhance this effect. You'll also be making a contribution to environmental sustainability when you get these tracksuit bottoms as their polyester has been developed as part of the adidas Primegreen recycling programme, specifically focused on high-performance fabrics that reduce environmental impact. For off-court relaxation or casual pick-up games, you can choose an adidas James Harden t-shirt as well.