Kids Originals Tracksuits


Combine old school styles and new designs with kids’ Originals tracksuits

The classics never go out of style at adidas thanks to the Originals range - this selection of tracksuits will give your child the right balance between old-school comfort and new designs. Available in a range of sizes that suit even the youngest babies, you will find kids’ Originals tracksuits that suit boys and girls of all ages. Find designs that display the classic 3-Stripes along the side of the pants and sleeves, or for a funkier style that suits your kid’s personality choose a tracksuit with all-over patterns that show off their love for adidas loud and clear.

Originals tracksuits for kids offering optimal comfort for your little one

Each style in this selection of Original tracksuits for kids is the result of years of research and is able to guarantee maximum comfort and support for children, even when they’re at their most energetic. The use of soft materials, such as French Terry and fleece, will feel lovely against their skin, while sweat-wicking fabric will keep them dry as they jump around on the playground. For better stability, ribbing is applied at the end of the sleeves and hem, while a drawstring around the trackpant’s waist will enable you to achieve the perfect fit.

A tracksuit just as your kid likes it

A sea of options awaits you in this range of kids’ Originals tracksuits. As you look for the perfect option, consider their needs and the details that would make their time outdoors more pleasant. A sweater with a full zip will enable them to quickly slide it on and off for instant relief from the changing weather, while the presence of a hood will give them additional protection from the wind and rain. And if they have a toy they like to keep within easy reach, then they will love styles with pockets incorporated in the design.