Sports bra for kids


Kids’ sport bras

Equip your workout with adidas for every layer. Enjoy maximum support and style with our kids’ sport bras that accompany girls through any kind of workout. Elastic hems and elastane fabric provide you with a snug compression fit that doesn’t compromise on flexibility or range of motion. Fashionably stylish, our bras come with a round-neck design to complement any workout top you wear and give you full motion control during yoga stretches as well as hardcore CrossFit reps. Pinching, slipping or giving your chest the feeling of imprisonment belong to the past with the elastic kids’ sport bra choices adidas has on offer.

Keeping it cool with adidas bras for girls

There’s nothing worse than a sports bra that doesn’t protect you from ugly sweat stains on your chest. This is why we design kids’ sport bras that are made from highly effective moisture-absorbing fabrics, executed by modern and innovative technologies. Regardless of how exhausting your workout will get, our bras have got you covered and will absorb the sweat to keep you dry. To stay even cooler during your reps, you can opt for our designs that boast mesh panels on the back for increased ventilation and airflow. With a slightly see-through fabric, they also add a little zest to the overall look.

An everyday girl’s companion for the gym and beyond

Snug, sweat-absorbing and stylish to look at – who said our bras can only be of use in the gym? Your adidas kids’ sport bra can accompany – and support – you throughout your day, whether you’re hanging out with friends, going for a run or just relaxing at home. Available in a range of different colours, you can match it easily to your existing workout wardrobe. Our black choices will fit any range of clothes, while you can add a little extra with flashing red, for example.