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adidas LEGO®️ collection


The new adidas LEGO®️ collection lets you create your world. Reshape your surroundings and create your next play with colourful designs.

adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Shorts
adidas x Classic LEGO® Halfzip Windbreaker
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Track Pants
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Tee Shirt
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Tee Longsleeve
adidas x LEGO® Baumhaus Pants
adidas x Classic LEGO® Two-In-One Slim Pants
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Windbreaker
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Crewneck
adidas x LEGO® Baumhaus Tights
adidas x Classic LEGO® Hoodie
adidas x LEGO® Baumhaus Tee Longsleeve
adidas x LEGO® Baumhaus Pants
adidas x Classic LEGO® Two-In-One Slim Pants


The new exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection lets you create your world. With playful designs that spark your imagination, it becomes easy to reinvent your surroundings. Find inspiration in anything and step into your own world. Now it's easy to put your imagination into action. This world is yours - and it's your play.


No matter your style, there is something for you here. Whether you're into flashy yellow or a reduced black & grey, the exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection has a piece for you. There are Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Shorts and even Onesie's in various colour combinations, going from bold to understated. You can play this however you want. With matching footwear, you can bring your outfit together and take your first steps in a new direction. A of world of play awaits and is ready to be explored in the exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection. Combining functional features and playful designs, the collection enables an active lifestyle without restrictions and lets you experience the power of play


The new exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection is made to play. With colourful designs, resembling your favorite building blocks, the collection is your starting point to rebuild the world around you. All pieces were designed to spark creativity and inspire playful action. It's easy to find your own way of playing: First, build your outfit the way you like it with mix & match combinations. Then, venture out into the unknown and reshape what others assume to be given. It’s that easy to get playing


The new adidas LEGO®️ collection enables the power of play for everyone - because you're never too young to start creating your world. With footwear and apparel for infants, little kids and young creators, this collection opens up the world of play for all sizes. Just choose your favorite colour combination and get started with building your outfit. The collection is unisex and makes it easy for everyone to select their look and create their next play. Now it’s up to you: Are you ready to get started and create your world?