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A mouthwatering selection of Originals accessories

When you have your basic workout, running or sports practise gear all sorted, then have a browse through our Originals accessories. They'll provide the finishing touches you need, not only to round out your training wardrobe, but also to give you some casualwear inspiration. You'll find socks in all shapes and sizes for all purposes, from tennis, gym and cycling to your standard road-running socks. Warm, Trefoil-branded adidas beanies are just the thing in winter, whether you're training yourself or heading off to watch a live game; you can have these with or without bobbles. Other ways of keeping your head protected include our baseball caps or shorty beanies for when you need something in-between. There are plenty of bucket hats and vintage panel caps to be had too. Shoulder bags and roller bags are available, as are all-purpose adidas backpacks. These have enough room for all your sports clothes and have separate compartments of different sizes so that you'll have room for everything.

So many ways to use and enjoy adidas Originals accessories

Originals accessories are designed to complement whatever sports or training wardrobe you have. You can use them for a multitude of sports and training activities, indoors and outdoors. Mix and match them with the rest of your sports kit and your casualwear clothing to get the best out of them in any setting. Easily keep track of your belongings in our smartly designed bags – you'll be able to organise everything nice and logically. Then there are all the other little extras we offer. A can of foam cleaner to keep your trainers in top shape, perhaps, or some microfibre cloth packs and brush sets. We help you to perform better with our trainers and sports clothing and provide what you need to take care of them too.