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adidas performance sports sneakers are powered by decades of research into what feels good and optimises performance. Tested globally by athletes at all levels, our performance sports sneakers are made to boost your game.

Performance sports sneakers

Performance sports sneakers have become far more than simply active footwear: they've evolved into a prized fashion item, with fans as dedicated as those of comic book superheroes. They've indeed become cult possessions and collectors' items, and adidas sport sneakers have always been at the forefront of this trend. The famous 3-Stripes have become one of the most sought-after decorations on any form of footwear thanks to the kind of classic and modern sport sneakers you'll find right here. Whether you're looking to use them to play sport or are a collector who will wrap them in cotton wool and look after them with love and care, we have the very latest for you.

The iconic adidas fashion you've come to love

You know exactly what to expect with adidas sports sneakers: high quality, activity-specific functionality, and that classic black and white look. From basketball high tops to sleek ladies' sneakers and sport sneakers for everything from tennis to boxing to squash to weightlifting – in fact, almost no matter what your chosen sport – there are adidas sports sneakers that, if not dedicated to it, are excellently adaptable to your specific needs. Then there are the leisure sports sneakers, like our legendary design that has become a perennial favourite every time we reissue it. You can get the latest version and so much more right here.

Packed with cutting edge technology

Our performance sports sneakers are the product of the very latest research, technology and materials development. We're constantly striving to improve the already excellent support and comfort that they provide. Our Adapt Knit material effectively moulds itself to your foot without feeling restrictive, and our Boost HD technology is designed to provide superb stability when you're in motion. Continental™ Rubber outsoles on many adidas sports sneakers ensure excellent grip and traction, whether you're in the wet or dry.