Red X


Be light on your feet with red X shoes by adidas

Over the years, adidas has continued to create boots specially designed for footballers, both professional athletes and those aspiring to their moment of glory, and the red X boots are a must-have addition to the range. Footballers need to be light on their feet and the red X range supports this skill. Made using a technologically engineered Speedskin upper that moulds itself to your foot, this range of football shoes has both cleated and non-cleated styles, allowing for play on both firm ground and soft ground outside and on artificial turf, where the rubber outsole provides a firm grip. With the option of laced and laceless closures, the low-cut collar of the shoe allows for a full range of ankle movement while Speedframe outsoles are designed to give you that energy boost you need to score. A stretch tongue makes it easy to pull the shoes on and off, and once you are wearing them, the red X football boots fit snugly and move as you move.

Designed for speed

One of the outstanding features of the red X range of football boots by adidas is that they have been designed using a slightly raised forefoot, similar to that used by world class sprinters, that helps you get sprinting with a burst of speed. On the field, being quick thinking and quick moving will put you on the path to success, and what better way than to ensure you are prepared from top to toe. In addition to this raised forefoot, a springy carbon insert in the outsole will assist you in making strong, positive strides down the pitch. Although these are a new take on a heritage classic, adidas has maintained the clean lines and classic silhouette that have come to be associated with its brand.

Outplay your opponents

Feel like your shoes are a part of you as you take on the rival team – red X shoes will show you mean business. Put energy and fire into your stride with these supportive, lightweight football trainers and run circles around the competition, maintaining possession of the ball and making tactical passes, taking advantage of the combination of snug-fitting uppers and ultralight outsoles to help you move.