Running Socks & Leg Warmers

Worry not - adidas offers a wide range of running socks to support your feet. Ankle, crew-length, and over-the-knee all offer different benefits, while the recycled ECONYL nylon fabric offers a comfy stretch and full range of movement.

Under pressure

Running can put a lot of pressure on your feet, whether you’re training for a 5K or running as part of a warm-up exercise. With high-quality running socks from adidas, your feet will gain extra grip which stabilises them inside your training shoes. Because of the reduced movement there’s less friction, so you’re less likely to suffer from blisters on your feet. Preventing foot injuries during running is an important part of wearing high-performance socks. Our running socks are designed with extra padding and cushioning in specific areas, which guarantees total protection. We have a range of different socks that are created to support runners in changing conditions. Our socks come in all shapes and sizes, including ankle, crew length and over-the-knee. Each provides the crucial support that your feet need during runs, as well as all-important ventilation.

Join the crew

Although choosing the right pair of socks for your feet mostly depends on personal style and preference, you need to factor in where you will be running. If you’re on the treadmill or jogging, a crew length running sock is perfect. Offering enhanced support on your daily runs, these above-the-ankle socks are made with recycled ECONYL® nylon that delivers a comfortable stretch. They also provide added arch and ankle support, as well as a comfortable flat toe seam.

Why should I wear running leg warmers?

There are great benefits to wearing a good pair of leg warmers rather than running socks. Particularly in colder conditions and climates, our running leg warmers encourage blood flow thanks to Techfit, which provides a snug fit with arch support. These compression socks also help to reduce muscle vibration while you run, preventing injury. They’re also ideal for trail running as the longer length helps keep dirt off your skin and defend against grass scrapes. Whether you choose running socks or leg warmers, with adidas you’re guaranteed protection and comfort for your feet.