adidas - Runtastic Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement (“Statement”) describes how we collect, use and protect (referred to as “process” or “processing” in this Statement) your personal data for the purpose of providing the adidas Runtastic Services. You should also consult the adidas Privacy Policy and the Runtastic Privacy Policy for any services you obtain from adidas or Runtastic.






adidas International Trading B.V.: Atlas Arena, Africa Building, Hoogoorddreef 9a, 1101 Amsterdam ZO, the Netherlands (“adidas”).


The local




Runtastic GmbH: Pluskaufstraße 7, 4061 Pasching, Austria (“Runtastic”)




When you create an account with us – adidas and/or Runtastic (referred to as “we”), we will collect and use these data to provide you services in accordance with a “Basic Profile”:


  • Name (First, Last, Initials)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail address
  • Country of Residence
  • Preferred Language


To provide you premium services, including product recommendations, unlocking benefits, personalization and customization services, we will collect and use these data to provide you the services in accordance with an “Advanced Profile”.


Information will be regarding to your:

  • geographical data
  • training
  • preferences
  • participation
  • aggregated order data
  • connected accounts and devices
  • subscriptions
  • Campaign Status Information

A complete list can be found in Annex 1.




To provide you our services from adidas and Runtastic, any personal data you provide to either adidas or Runtastic will be shared between adidas and Runtastic. We will only be linking your adidas and Runtastic accounts once you have agreed to the linking of the accounts.




We will be processing your personal data described above to carry out the following:


  • Creating a profile for you for a personalised experience – we want to make sure that you will have the opportunity to enjoy our products to the fullest, and that we provide product information that is relevant to you;
  • Processing your order – we want to make sure that you receive what you ordered (which may include verifying your creditworthiness);
  • Communicating relevant marketing information to you – if you have opted to receive marketing information from us – we want to make sure that we only provide marketing information that you might be interested in;
  • Improving our products and services – we want to make sure that we will continue to improve our products and services so that you will continue to be satisfied with us.


  1. Storing your personal data


Your personal data will be kept for the following period:



The duration of the period you receive services from us (as long as you log in) and 18 months since your last log in.

We will anonymise your personal data after 18 months of inactivity.



Your personal data will be deleted upon request, or upon fulfilling our contractual or legal obligations.

We will keep the record of deletion for 12 months following the deletion of your records.




These are the legal bases which we rely on in order to process your personal data in the manner described in this Statement:


  • Your consent: by signing up and creating an account with adidas or Runtastic, you consent to us using the personal data you provide to carry out the purposes we identified to you in accordance with this Statement and our Privacy Policies;
  • Contractual obligations: in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to provide you our services and products;
  • Compliance with laws: in order to comply with legal obligations under applicable laws;
  • Legitimate interests: in order to carry out and improve our business, we also process your personal data for our legitimate business interests, such as sending you marketing communications, and research and development.




If you would like to obtain information on the collection and processing of your personal data, receive a copy of your personal data, amend or delete your personal data or object to the processing of your personal data for any of the use cases identified above, or have any queries or complaints about how we collect and use your personal data, please contact us using the following email address:


*                           *


You have the right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority if you feel that we have not fully respected your rights or complied with our obligations under applicable data protection laws.




adidas AG

Dr. Falk Böhm

Adi-Dassler-Straße 1

91074 Herzogenaurach | Germany



Runtastic GmbH

Martin Grossberger

Pluskaufstraße 7

4061 Pasching | Austria






adidas to share with Runtastic:


Linked Social accounts: e.g. Google+, Yahoo, Facebook, VK (yes/no)

Subscription Information: e.g. Member, status change, Premium Type, Duration, Purchase Origin, Start Date, End Date

Preferences: e.g. Permission for adidas to contact you (Yes/No), Interest: Categories (e.g. Basketball, Running), Brands (e.g. NEO Label, Y-3, adidas Originals), additional Preferences (e.g. Men’s Products, New Arrivals)

Aggregated Order Data: e.g. Average Order Value, Recency and frequency, categories, calculating purchase intent, affinity to a category such as ‘football’, web browsing, sales

Group Participation: e.g. adidas Runners, Run for the Ocean

Event Participation: e.g. adidas Runners - city, distance, date

Campaign Status Information: e.g. progress in Premium user journey


Runtastic to share with adidas:


Additional Geographical information: e.g City, State and/or Province

Measurements: height and weight

Preferences: content, channels, units

Activity Level: e.g. adidas Runners Level

Training Goals and Plans: e.g. step goal, weight goal, calories goal, distance goal

Basic Training Statistics and Trends: e.g. monthly training statistics per sport type, records, adidas Runners points

Subscription Information: e.g. premium status, start date, duration

Connected devices & accounts: e.g. Garmin, Fitbit, Facebook, Twitter, Google

Shoe information: e.g. brand, model, colour, size, distance

Group Participation: e.g. adidas Runners, Run for the Ocean

Event Participation: e.g. adidas Runners - city, distance, date

Campaign Status Information: e.g. progress in Premium user journey