Leather Flip Flops & Sliders


Leather flip flops & sliders

Flip flops have come to stay. The specially contoured footbed offers comfort and we have a range of beautiful designs that speak to your personal style. These leather flip flops are the ultimate fashion statement. They're also durable and can be polished to an exceptional shine, complementing your casual Friday wear. The adidas flip flop is designed to project a sporty look and casual wear at the same time. Make a statement in a sporty leather flip flop with a snakeskin-pattern upper and three classic sliders. One also has a laser-engraved graphic design inspired by the Texas flag and specially packaged for your comfort.

Comfort and durability

The adidas leather flip flop outsole is made of rubber, which is lightweight and gives a soft feel with quick-drying features. It also features a smooth leather bandage on the upper part, while the 3-Stripes adds an original heritage adidas style. They are also designed to have a wide fit for your feet, and full-fit flip flops are still contoured to give you superb comfort together with a soft foam rubber sole. When you choose from our line of adidas leather flip flops & sliders, it will feel like walking on clouds. Better yet, you'll look good doing it.

Colours of leather flip flops & sliders

There are several colours that you can purchase when you decide to buy leather flip flops or sliders. The beautiful colours range from vibrant shades like active red to more minimalist white and black. You can also get feminine colours like pink, orange and yellow. These bright colours add unique beauty to your feet and enable you to walk with elegance and class. Go for flip flops embellished with cartoon designs to have everyone appreciating and admiring your leather flip flops & sliders.