Tennis Jackets


Tennis jackets

Get ready for autumn and winter tennis training with this collection of adidas tennis jackets. Available in a range of styles and fits, you will find all the classic colours of a tennis outfit to choose from. Whether you prefer a relaxed fit that allows for a wider range of movement or a regular fit which sits closer to the body and gives a more modern look, whether you’d like a bomber collar for a classic look or a stand-up collar for more coverage, these tennis jackets are designed to support you and ensure your full comfort.

Supportive designs inside and out

Every great design starts with the use of good-quality material, and adidas tennis jackets use fabric that is breathable and has moisture-wicking characteristics, ensuring you stay dry throughout the game. This is in addition to them being lightweight, meaning you don’t have to carry extra weight on your shoulders and can save your energy for the game. Their stretchy quality also helps you to move freely in every direction. The presence of a full zip at the front enables you to slip your jacket on and off very easily, while ribbed hems ensure a secure fit around the wrists and stop the cool air from getting to you. Finally, the addition of zip pockets means you can securely keep some valuables on you or store additional tennis balls for the game.

Your jacket, your style

If you’re looking for a tennis jacket to make your own, choose a style that comes with a customisable badge. These badges are detachable and you can pick the one that suits your personality best. Those who are environmentally conscious can also choose styles that use ethically farmed cotton or recycled nylon and polyester, thus helping save resources and make the world a better place.