White Leggings


White leggings

White leggings are in trend now, especially among athletes and body-builders. With their fresh and clean appeal, white leggings keep you looking good when you’re training hard. These adidas leggings have several unique features that help make them an essential part of your workout wardrobe. First, there’s the compression fit. Compression fit lets the leggings mould to your body, providing a supportive feel throughout your workout or race and helping to reduce muscle vibration. And there’s no need for you to worry about sweat or bad odours lingering in these white leggings – the built-in Polygiene technology takes care of this, with an anti-odour fabric that ensures you feel fresh all day long. To further ensure adequate ventilation, the leggings are made with a mesh-like fabric positioned around the thigh and the calf muscles, ensuring that the muscles are adequately ventilated. The fabrics have a UPF 50+ UV protection rating, so you can work out for longer in the sun while staying protected against harmful UV radiation. The leggings are made with a high-rise waist that sits flat against your skin to minimize adjustments, a useful feature that takes into consideration the rigorous activities in your training sessions. The high-rise waistline ensures you don’t have to keep interrupting your training to pull up your white leggings to stop them slipping.

White leggings with irresistible designs

Graphic prints look great on white leggings, and there are so many great designs for you to choose from, keeping you feeling smart and looking good. Additionally, an adidas 3-Stripes design along the side of your white leggings will accentuate your figure and draw attention to your style in training sessions, whether you’re the coach or a keen participant. White leggings make you stand out from the crowd, giving you a fresh and clean look all day long.