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Train like you mean it in Originals tights for women

Whether you run, bend, stretch or lift, what you wear can make a difference between doing okay and gaining a personal best. Originals tights for women from adidas are made to take the pressure of a full yoga session or Pilates class to a high-octane spinning marathon. They stretch with you to eliminate restricted movement when working out. From squatting weights to running a 10k, adidas Originals tights for women have the durability and comfort to let you push harder and achieve those goals. Using materials that employ the latest sports technologies that help with moisture management, women's Originals tights stretch and breath to give you the best performance. Whatever your workout, from classes at the gym to power walking with the dog, women's Originals tights give you the support and confidence to enjoy what you do.

Express yourself while you train

As with everything adidas makes, no detail has been missed in delivering the highest quality garment to you. Backed up with an enviable history of sports science, adidas Originals tights for women have the pedigree you are looking for in your sportswear. Manufactured to the most exacting standards and designed to be eye-catching and bold. The iconic 3-Stripes motif and Trefoil emblem are used in both a classic and imaginative way to create a range that is as bold as you are. Originals tights for women give you the performance you require when working out and are so comfortable you can wear them around the house like lounge wear. They are the perfect item of clothing for your 'get up and go' lifestyle.

No apologies for being you

These exciting items of sportswear from adidas are so much more than just gym pants or workout tights. With such elegant construction and bold design choices, these Originals tights for women are as fashionable as they are sporty. Show the world that you are dynamic and uncompromising. This is your life, and you are going to live it. Own every step counted on your fitness watch and look good while you do so.