yoga socks



Our stylish, perfect fit yoga socks offer a comfortable layer between you and the floor or mat in your yoga class. Ideal for any barefoot class, our yoga socks also perform brilliantly in Pilates and barre classes. Small and lightweight, just keep a pair in your kitbag.

Perfect for postures

The grippy bottoms on our yoga socks ground your practice, so there is no danger of slipping out of a pose; you’re free to bring all your attention to bear on your yoga flow. The slight pressure of the socks supports the arch of your foot during your yoga workout, with a light compression feel. An hygienic alternative to being barefoot, our yoga socks protect you from viruses on borrowed yoga mats and bare floors.

Soft and comfortable to wear, they’ll keep your feet cosy during class and come into their own during the last reflective moments of the class cool down session. Created from sweat-wicking fabric, they'll help you remain cool, dry and comfortable even on warm days. Full-toe options are available so you can spread your toes as though you were barefoot. We have a number of different colours and pretty styles available to co-ordinate with your existing yogawear.

Our legwarmers have a cool retro vibe and look great just pulled over a pair of 7/8 ankle grazers to get you to the studio on a winter’s day. Keep them on to warm up and slip them back on for cool down; made in breathable fabrics so you won’t overheat. As well as looking great they'll keep you cosy as you continue with your day.

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