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8-16 Years · Accessories

Predator Training Goalkeeper Gloves
Tiro Club Goalkeeper Gloves
Predator Junior Gloves
Egle Graphic Sport Socks 3 Pairs
X Training Gloves
Predator Training Gloves
Predator Match Shin Guards
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Socks 3 Pairs
Predator Junior Gloves
Predator Edge Training Gloves
Messi Shin Guards
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Cap
adidas x Classic LEGO® Beanie
adidas x Classic LEGO® Socks 3 Pairs
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Backpack
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Socks 3 Pairs
adidas x Marimekko Cap
Power Backpack
ARKD3 Backpack
Dance Backpack
adidas x Classic LEGO® Cap
adidas x Classic LEGO® Backpack
adidas x LEGO® Tech Pack Crossover Bag
adidas x Classic LEGO® Pouch
Al Rihla League Junior 350 Ball
adidas x LEGO® Tech Pack Backpack
adidas x LEGO® VIDIYO™ Cap
adidas x Classic LEGO® Waist Bag

It’s in the details

From the perfect outfit to winning a gold medal, it’s those small details that make the biggest difference. That’s why you’re in the right place with the adidas selection of accessories for kids. Whether for casual or active wear, the range includes a variety of pieces that are made the adidas way: using high-quality materials, engineered with the most innovative technology, and presented in bold, contemporary designs and colourways. So whatever you’re looking for, from a pair of socks to goalkeeper gloves for the new season, you can find the perfect kids' accessories 8-16 years old here.

That finishing touch

Perfect for complementing adidas’ wide selection of apparel and footwear for younger people, look no further than this collection of kids' accessories 8-16 years old. It doesn’t need to be sunny to rock a baseball cap, with the current offering including pieces that can be worn in active or casual environments. This selection of accessories for kids also includes a number of backpacks that perfectly balance style and substance, with zipped pockets, adjustable straps and vibrant designs. You can’t forget about the socks either, with athletic pairs made from quick-drying materials to bold designs that are perfect for making those new trainers pop. For the perfect finishing touch, trust in adidas.

Made for winners

Certain sports require certain pieces of equipment, and you can find what you’re looking for in this collection of kids' accessories 8-16 years old. For the next number 1 in the net, a number of goalkeeper gloves specifically made for young people are available, including the ever-popular Predator range with soft Grip Pro latex for added grip and cushioning. Shin pads are essential for all players too, designed to offer both comfort and protection without compromise. Swimmers can also find everything they need for trips to the pool, with comfortable swim caps and a range of goggles. Built for future athletes, the adidas selection of accessories for kids has exactly what you need.