adidas Copa Football Boots



Redefine touch and feel every movement with adidas Copa football boots. Experience the future of the game in a refresh of iconic football boots that have graced the feet of players at all levels across the world since the 1982 World Cup.

Find your feel

Football depends on a strong sense of touch. With Copa football boots, you can unleash your best skills, and feel every pass and shot. Choose from a full range of boots for men, women and children, with exact sizes ranging from children's 10k to adult 13. Pick from vivid colour schemes, from classic black and white to silver and turquoise. Take to the field in boots that look as good as they feel.

Technology that translates touch into skill

What makes adidas Copa football boots different is the sophisticated sporting technology that goes into them. Touchpods are strategically positioned so that they absorb the impact energy from the ball, while Sensepods enable you to feel a free-flowing connection between the football and your foot. State-of-the-art laceless technology, clean uppers and high-performance synthetic leather provide extra sensitivity and perfect comfort so you can focus on what’s important – the action on the pitch.

Freedom to feel every touch

Everything about Copa football boots is engineered to provide you the tools you need to give your best performance for the full 90 minutes, even in the most trying conditions. adidas’ own Fusionskin leather treatment produces a seamless finish while also reducing water uptake. A tough Exoframe plate meanwhile gives unparalleled traction to keep you firmly grounded through every touch and tough tackle.

Give your game a boost

Football boots shouldn’t be just another piece of sporting footwear – for you to perform at your best on the pitch you need to be able to feel every stroke of the game. Copa football boots will allow you to experience every play at a new level, whether you’re gearing up for the big match or training in the park.