Running Outfits & Wear for Men

adidas is your one-stop shop for running outfits and wear for men, whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or you've just been bitten by the running bug. Choose from a huge selection of running gear for all abilities and sizes.

Simply the finest running gear for men

From shoes and shorts to T-Shirts and jackets, adidas creates the finest line of running gear for men that you could ever dream of. This running gear for men exudes not only class and style, but also exquisite craftsmanship and deep knowledge of what athletes with the most discriminating taste demand from their sports apparel. First off, choose from some of the most sought-after models of running shoes available today. Ultraboost shoe models feature adidas’ game-changing Boost technology, which offers outstanding cushioning with each step taken. In addition, some shoes sport a Primeknit 360 upper that expands to provide excellent support for your feet and guarantees an engineered, snug fit. Those who love trail runs will surely find models like the TERREX Tracerocker irresistible, with its rugged Traxion outsole that effectively maximises grip from every angle. The breathable mesh upper offers outstanding cooling, while the EVA midsole guarantees excellent cushioning and foot support. There are plenty of other running shoe models in the range, all of which have their own unique selling points. You could opt for one with a comfortable Cloudfoam midsole, the tough grip of a Continental™ Rubber outsole, or flexible Adapt Knit technology. All these running shoes can help propel you towards success on the track or trail, however far you wish to go.

Own the competition with adidas running gear for men

Whether you’re competing against an opponent or just challenging yourself, adidas men's running gear can help you achieve your goals. Pick running shorts that feature breathable fabric to help you feel cool and dry even after covering a few miles. They also have pockets to store your small essentials, and come in different colours to suit your mood or complete your workout look. Add to this an item from our inventory of running shirts with equally outstanding qualities. The Run T-shirt, for example, features Climalite fabric that wicks sweat away to help you stay dry and cool. Eco-warriors should cop a model like the 25/7 Rise Up N Run Parley shirt, which is made using yarns from recycled coastal waste. Our line of running gear for men also includes premium singlets, tights and jackets to complete your running gear no matter what the weather. Get yourself a top-notch running outfit and start work on owning the competition today.