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Comfortable teen shoes for sports and daily use

These teens' shoes from adidas are made in styles and with technologies that keep you comfortable when playing sports or hanging out with friends at the weekend. There are a variety of styles that include technologies like sweat-wicking fibres to keep your feet dry, stretchy sock-fit textile uppers that stretch with your foot, and different lacing technologies that accommodate your personal preferences for comfort. Some materials used to make these shoes are recycled from plastic water bottles for an eco-friendly vibe. Rubber outsoles are made with technologies that enhance your traction when you're running or need to quickly change directions in the game. Some styles are made with waterproof technologies to keep the rain off your feet or breathable linings that dry quickly. Midsoles that deliver great energy return are also available in some styles of teens shoes to support your feet when you need to jump or run.

Protected and dry feet for the win

These teens' shoes help protect your feet from the elements so you're able to enjoy running and playing in dry, comfortable shoes. Shoes may have details like internal reinforcement that locks in your feet so your footwear won't slip around when you're active. Some styles of adidas shoes for teens are made with breathable fibres or ventilation that allows your feet to quickly dry if they get damp. Plus, the insoles are made to absorb the shocks that occur when you're working out.

Shoes made for your favourite sport or your personal style

These teens' shoes are offered for a variety of sports, such as court shoes for basketball players and running shoes for all-round track athletes. Pick a style in a favourite colour or by your favourite adidas designer, or choose a shoe that's made to support the way you play or compete.