Black Leggings & Tights

Check out a pair of our black leggings and tights for men and women and power through your workout. Available with and without the iconic 3-Stripes design and in different lengths and cuts, you're sure to find the black leggings that suit you.
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Black leggings and tights keep you cool and show respect for the environment

If you are a busy person on the go like most of us, then you probably don’t spend a lot of time pondering wardrobe choices before packing your gym bag, so we offer you a selection of black leggings and tights to help make the process that much easier. Our range includes tights with pockets, mesh tights, seamless tights even some that have reflective panels, and quite a few of them are made with recycled polyester in keeping with our commitment to promote sustainability and constructed with patented materials to wick your sweat and reduce body heat.

adidas black tights reflect your choice in quality gym wear

The majority of our black tights proudly bear our brand name and logo so all who see you can recognise your own commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle by your choice in gym wear. Some might notice the reflective details of your black tights as you walk or jog by while others might marvel at your seamless tights at yoga or Pilates class and a few will certainly notice how you manage to remain fresh and energetic after a strenuous workout because you chose one of our sweat-wicking tops, but not many may notice that the ones with pockets are handy for safekeeping the keys to your house, car or locker.

Reflect your lifestyle choices wearing black leggings and tights

adidas has a line of black t-shirts that when added to your black leggings can be used to signal your business-like attitude as you pull on the workout gloves and put on your game face for training. We also carry tracksuits, joggers and sweatshirts for use as outer wear that can signal your urban cool attitude as you head for home after a rewarding performance in all areas, while a few of our black leggings come with exotic designs in case you wish to make a statement while you sweat or while you meet up with a few mates.