Grey Sweatshirts

Our neat range of grey sweatshirts has something for everyone, whether you're training for the big game, heading off to school or just hanging out.. Choose from a wide selection of styles, with and without zip closures and hoods.

Grey sweatshirts

Early morning workouts and morning require some kind of protection against the elements. The adidas range of grey sweatshirts gives you all the protection you need against extreme temperature changes, while providing you with the ultimate in comfort too. These designs offer clever manufacturing technologies, quality fabrics and a range of carefully thought out product features. The use of four-way stretch materials and breathable fabrics promises a full swing of movement on the pitch or court, while keeping you warm, cosy and dry at all times. Super soft materials and body-hugging fits also make this an ideal choice for your workout collection. These grey sweatshirts have been designed with your requirements in mind, offering strategically placed thumbholes and pre-shaped elbows to ensure complete freedom and flexibility. The adidas range of grey sweatshirts exhibits class, style and sophistication, while keeping you comfortable around the clock.

Grey sweatshirts will help you stand out on the pitch

A design from the adidas collection of grey sweatshirts will help you stand out on the pitch, court or at the gym, and there’s a huge range of designs, fits and materials to choose from. Opt for durable, fast-drying 100% authentic cotton or go for super soft all-cotton French terry depending upon your preferences. These breathable fabrics keep you dry at all times and are ideal for working up a sweat during your early morning, evening or even late-night workouts. These grey sweatshirts promise all-around protection from the elements while the innovative design works to keep your body-heat trapped inside. When it comes to choosing a fit, you can go for a body-hugging sweatshirt or pick the regular fit that allows you to freely move and swing. These designs can be easily styled into your life and will keep you comfortably cocooned through all of your sport and leisure activities.