Long Sleeves - Football


For colder temperatures or a cooler look

Whether you’re playing in colder weather or simply trying a different look, it doesn’t get much better than these long sleeve football tops. As worn by a number of players who prefer them over the short sleeve alternatives, long sleeve football tops are perfect for offering that bit of protection from the wind and the cold. You can also wear them to simply make a statement when you step out on to the pitch, or to wear your favourite team’s jersey day-to-day. With the latest styles from your favourite teams, this selection is perfect for finding a jersey that’s a little bit different.

Cutting-edge technology

For those who prefer wearing long sleeve football tops, you can be sure you will still be benefiting from the best sportswear technology that adidas has to offer. Climalite fabric is used to wick sweat away from the skin, meaning you’ll stay cooler and drier for longer as perspiration evaporates at a quicker rate. Climacool is perfect for warm weather, with targeted ventilation that lets your long sleeve football top breathe and cool down. With stretchy fabrics to allow for unrestricted and natural movement of the body and woven crests to represent your team, these long sleeve football tops are as good as it gets.

Rep your side

With these long sleeve football tops, you can find jerseys from your favourite teams in a number of variations – that means home kit, away kit, third kit, goalkeeper kit, and a number of pre-match and training designs as well. If a long sleeve football shirt is more your style, this is the perfect place to pick up your favourite team’s jersey and start showing your true colours. Or, if you’re simply updating your kit bag, you can also find a number of plain teamwear shirts that incorporate the latest designs from adidas.