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Protected from head to toe – gym gloves for men

Sometimes the little details make all the difference when it comes to energized workout performance. Especially when the coldest months strike, and you need all the support you can to maintain your top-notch training standards. Our gym gloves for men provide you with warmth, motion flexibility and the latest fabric technology too, so you can concentrate on what’s most important. Available in various grades of insulating thickness, and with fingerless options too, you can choose the gloves that best suit your needs for transitional seasons and really cold winter days.

Grab it, tap it and stay flexible with adidas men's fitness gloves

Accessorising while maintaining a cool style is no problem with adidas gym gloves for men. These designs keep you warm with soft knits and snug materials, while sporting an athletic look that will complement any gym outfit. Some of our products feature conductive fingertips as well, which means you don’t have to put them off to put on your favorite running playlist when you're exercising outdoors. Lightweight stretch material envelopes your hands like a second skin and doesn't impair the handling of workout equipment at all. And if you seek even more finger flexibility, you can also opt for our fingerless products that give you excellent grip and are tightly secured with an adjustable wrist strap. Made of leather-like fabric, abrasion is kept to a minimum with these functional designs.

Don’t let the heat stay in

Keeping warm is a key feature when it comes to any pair of quality gym gloves for men, but you don’t want to risk them slipping off because your hands are getting sweaty either. The snug fabric of these designs blends warming polyurethane and polyester double knit to keep your fingers cosy during intense outdoor training, and it also features moisture-wicking technology to ensure sweat doesn't interfere with your performance either.