Men's Wristbands


Men’s wristbands from adidas

Work hard on the court without losing lose sight of your goal. Both comfortable and absorbent, men’s wristbands from adidas combine practical solutions with style. adidas understands what it takes to win the next point. Don’t let sweat interfere with your vision or your grip. These adidas men’s wristbands are designed for quick use even in the middle of your game. They’re the simple solution for whatever sport you play and whatever level you play at. You don’t have an advantage if you can’t see or your grip slips, so wristbands from adidas should be one of the first pieces of equipment you pack when training or competing in an event.

Champions see clearly

A single item for wiping the sweat from your brow and to stop perspiration affecting your grip, sweatbands worn on the wrist have been the elegant solution for sportspeople for over 70 years. You’ll be hard pushed to see a champion of any racket sport not using them. Men’s wristbands don’t just offer the practicality of dealing with the body’s cooling system, they also allow you to take your adidas styling into the game. Designed to be durable while working hard and looking good when you’re resting, they complement your lifestyle clothing choices and help you concentrate on your chosen sport. It’s like having a towel on your wrist while you’re working out. Manufactured to stop the sweat, giving you clarity of vision and solidity of grip.

Men’s wristbands from adidas are not just for tennis players

Any sport where you push your body hard will cause you to perspire. A single sweatband on your strongest forearm or a pair of adidas men’s wristbands for both arms will help you keep the sweat out of your eyes and let you focus on your game.