Sports Wristbands


Performance sports wristbands

From budding tennis stars to absolute beginners, to serious club pros – or even if you just enjoy a regular social knockabout, good sport wristbands are always a welcome item in your kit bag. They keep the sweat off your hands, allowing you to maintain the grip you need and preventing any slippage at the moment of impact, allowing you to follow through with confidence. They have the added side effect of looking cool on the court as well, as they've always done since the days of Borg and Connors!

Functional and stylish for when you're out on the court

We blend stretchiness with sweat absorbing capabilities to give you performance sports wristbands that combine comfort with functionality. They feature optimal materials for their purpose, have the right thickness without being too cumbersome, and are constructed with meticulous care, so you can depend on them to give you good durability as well. To top it all off you'll be thrilled to know that each one features the famous adidas Badge of Sport, some of them more prominently than others, so you can declare your brand affiliation in your own way too.

The famous adidas designs and colours

Our performance sports wristbands are made of a combination of cotton, polyacrylics, polyester, and a special elastodiene plain knit fabric. Choose from a range of colours, from pastels to classic plain tennis whites, and of course the famous adidas back and white combination. You can also get them with branding that celebrates some of your favourite sports teams in their colours and logo adornments. These have been painstakingly embroidered to give that professional look and to complement the rest of your tennis outfit. These are fashion items out on the court as much as they're there to fulfil an age-old role – absorbing sweat. That's simply what they do best.