Red Backpacks


Red backpacks

For every day you need a backpack, adidas has thought through every situation and has come up with a red backpack to serve you. Large and small sizes. Got it. Different closure styles. Check. Multiple ways to wear it. You bet. Find all the sizes, styles and all the different wearability options you desire, with a range of over the shoulder, crossbody or on the back designs to choose from. The adidas collection of red backpacks features designs for men, women and youth, so everyone can carry their essentials in 3-Stripes classic style. And a pop of red colour is always in style when you are sporting your adidas street wear.

Essential backpacks that are both fashionable and practical

Whether you're commuting to work, school or the gym, backpacks are an essential accessory that you should be able to depend upon. That’s why the adidas range of red backpacks features durable and affordable designs with distinctive details and versatile styles. These backpacks are indispensable tools and fashion accessories at the same time. And while the backpack is often thought of as the quintessential gear of youth, a stylish red backpack design works for people of all ages. Pack it with books, pack it with workout outfits, or pack it with snacks for the team. Travel the world or just go down to the shops, with an adidas backpack you’re on your way with all the things you can carry secured in style.

Stay organised as well as stylish with adidas backpacks

A busy life requires staying organised and the adidas range of red backpacks is here to make that a little easier. These cleverly designed backpacks feature separate compartments and convenient enclosures to keep everything in its rightful place, with secure zippers or ties to make sure it stays there.