adidas swimwear offers comfort and superb design in high-quality fabrics, whether you're swimming competitively or chilling at the beach. Choose from swimwear for men and women, with timeless adidas detailing.


You won’t find a swimwear collection more complete than the adidas one. Comprising both casual and sports swimwear for women, men and kids, you’ll find something here to suit every need and taste. The women’s collection includes swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis, while in the men’s collection you will find everything from jammers to swim shorts and boxers. These are swimming costumes that aim at making you feel good, both by offering a large range of colours and styles to choose from and through designs that ensure you’re well supported during your swim.

Supported comfort

One of the key factors in the design of adidas swimwear is the ability to keep you comfortable as you swim those laps while supporting you for a long but productive training session. The use of LYCRA® material that stretches in four different ways gives you the ability to move easily in all directions, while the use of chlorine-resistant fabric such as Infinitex extends the life of your adidas swimwear by preventing sagging or the loss of colour even with frequent use. When it comes to men’s designs, the presence of an inner drawcord helps with securing the fit, while women’s designs may include in-built bras for better support.

Swimwear to fit your needs

The adidas swimwear collection includes swimming costumes for every type of swimmer, whether you’re a casual swimmer and prefer a style with a more comfortable fit or are a serious competitor who needs a compressed fit to help you perform better. If you’re environmentally conscious, look for adidas swimwear that has been designed using ECONYL® yarn, which is made from recycled nylons. By choosing one of these styles you can help save the ocean from waste such as old fishing nets and other nylon items that would have otherwise been discarded, thus helping reduce emissions and protect the planet.

As a swimmer, looking and feeling great in the water is important. With a huge choice of swimwear from adidas, from swim trunks to swimming costumes, bikinis and tankinis to board shorts, you need to choose the right design for the water-based activity you’re doing. If you swim in a pool you’ll need swimwear that’s made from chlorine-resistant material like Infinitex Fitness Eco, which protects it from over-exposure and makes sure it lasts. As a triathlete or competitive swimmer, you’ll want swimwear that features drag-reducing materials so you can move quicker through the water. If you swim regularly, you want to avoid rashes that appear due to friction from your swimsuit, so it’s advisable to invest in one built with low-friction material, like ECONYL® recycled nylon.

Womens swimming costumes

When it comes to womens swimsuits, the fit is the most important factor. You want to be completely comfortable when you’re swimming, and a sleek fit with a streamlined design will improve the way you cut through the water. The ability to smoothly glide through the water will be assisted by your swimming costume’s ultra-flat and soft fabric, along with the high support-offering compression. For casual beach days, pick a design from our bikini collection that features a drawcord on the bottoms for the right fit, or choose a halter-neck design for a personalised fit.

Mens swimwear

Whether you’re looking for swimming trunks, boxers, shorts or boardshorts, adidas has mens swimwear covered. For competitive swim training, opt for a pair of compression swim jammers that offer a locked-in fit and chlorine-resistant fabric. Or for versatile swimwear, choose a pair of swim shorts with a mesh inner brief, designed for a range of watersports. Our high-quality swimwear has been designed to support you in the water, improving your comfort levels and performance along with the longevity of your swimsuit.