White Skate Shoes


Legendary in movement: adidas white skateboarding shoes

You can probably still remember your first pair of skate shoes, as easily as you remember your first deck. Whether you prefer a rubber polymer protected toe or something in synthetic leather, proper quality design materials make all the difference to longevity. With the adidas premium range of white skateboarding shoes, you get the very best in comfort and cushioning to keep you skating in maximum comfort. But it isn’t all just practical. Skating is an expression of personal style. It’s an art form and an extension of your identity. Your shoes should match, this is why the range of adidas white skateboarding shoes offers premium design by a variety of industry professionals and designers, working tirelessly to refine the ultimate in form and function. All of our skate shoe designs reflect the adidas design language while offering a diverse range of styles, from modern to old school classic skate kicks. One of the key components of a quality skate shoe is cushioning. Without decent, long-lived professional-grade insole cushioning your skating experience is likely to be measurably impaired. For comfortable drops and effortless styling, our cushioning technology brings you market-leading construction for multilayer comfort. Our range of white skateboarding shoes includes breathable options that combine skateboarding expertise with practical ventilation solutions that don’t compromise the focused durability areas used to perform technical tricks.

Skate parks to hang-out spots: these shoes have your back

One of the best things about a beautifully designed, high-quality skate shoe is that you can go straight from a skate spot to hanging out. Easy to clean, with just a wipe down needed for most scuffs, the adidas white skate shoe has you covered, no matter the plans. Shop this range to step out in style and showcase the iconic adidas legacy.