Green Running Shorts


Go with green running shorts for a personal best

The tale of adidas green running shorts is the latest chapter in a long story that runs all the way back to the late 1960s. But you don’t need a history lesson to get with the program. These are a range of shorts and leggings designed for today and crafted with the durability to perform and look good for countless tomorrows to come. Even the importance of our future is in focus at adidas, which is why we use revolutionary Parley Ocean Plastics that are recycled from beach jetsam to create incredible, breathable performance fabrics. This is a range crafted for everyday life and every athletic challenge, from training to competing. Plus there are Saturday shorts that keep you cool on languid weekends and long leggings that artfully hug and warm your muscles. Our shorts run the full gambit.

Green technology reinvented

The diversity of the green running shorts range from adidas is deliberate. You, me, we’re all fantastically different so we all look for distinct aspects of sports apparel that deliver the unique advantages we’re after. It could be the compression fit and the COLD.RDY technologies woven into our leggings to keep you going and keep the chill out. It could be the bold cut of shorts that let you lengthen your stride for a marathon length lope around the city. Or it could be the breathable AEROREADY fabric that shuns sweat and keeps you cool and dry when the hills are pushing you to the limit. And it could be simply for looking good on your way to a leisurely brunch. After all, you know you deserve it.

Colour your performance your way

Take the time to make your choice because the durability, functionality and classic good looks of every piece of apparel in the adidas green running shorts range is designed to last a long, long time. In fact, because your lifestyle embraces everything from taking it easy to giving it 110%, your options are open. Plus, our diversity means your choices aren’t limited either. You’ve got shorts designed for striding out and ones that are made for working out. Step into leggings that are perfect for stretching out and shorts that simply look great when you’re hanging out. The short story is we’ve got you covered.