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Grey Running Shorts


Variety is the name of the game with our grey running shorts

You'll find all manner of long, medium cut and higher profile grey running shorts for men and women in this collection of muted-colour running gear. They're highlighted with all the stylish details you've come to expect from adidas. From sprinters to marathoners, for football players and basketball lovers and for all-purpose training – there's hardly a use you won't be able to find for these shorts. They're crammed with moisture management and air flow technology, with our AEROREADY fabric helping to absorb moisture, and sweat-wicking fabrics dispensing with it efficiently. Our short models are purposely designed to train in, so there aren't any superfluous frills; however, you will find that some of them have key pockets so that you can keep small valuables on you while you train. They're made from a recycled polyester plain weave, and are secured with drawcords over elasticised waist bands to make sure they stay put. Our longer designs may look casual with a streetwear edge, but don't be taken in by this seemingly relaxed look: they're designed to withstand HIIT and bootcamp sessions, so these are also serious training shorts.

Get the most from your grey adidas running shorts

The first thing you'll discover when you try on a pair of these grey running shorts is that we've made them to give you a great balance between a supportive athletic fit and relaxed comfort. They'll keep you confident in the gym to push as hard as you like, while helping to cool you down and preventing uncomfortable sweat build up. Some of them go a step further and add mesh ventilation panels to ensure that enough air circulates through them for an enhanced cooling effect. Women's grey running leggings are also available, with compression fabrics like elastane, which impart a locked-in fit for extra support and flexibility. You'll also get mesh pockets with these models.