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Men's gym socks - because comfort matters from top to bottom

While you may not give much thought to their socks, bear in mind that the performance of your feet is pivotal in any sport you do. adidas men's gym socks provide grip, support and stability with heel-to-toe cushioning, arch support and ribbed cuffs. Linked toe seams add extra comfort and reduce wearing down and chafing. adidas have designed these socks with a variety of sports in mind, giving you a wide range of sporting styles to choose from, from low-cut socks to knee-high options.

Enjoy smooth comfort with our practical sport socks for men

Comfort and support are the main assets when it comes to a good sports sock. The last thing you want to worry about when working out is your socks slipping off or feeling rubbing uncomfortably against your feet. Our cushioned crew socks are made with a cotton blend that is soft to the skin and provides a comfortable feeling when you slip into your sports shoe. Alternatively, our ankle length socks are particularly suited for warmer weather or indoor workouts and come with ribbed arch support and hems to avoid chafing. Equipped with blister-avoiding material, our weightlifting socks ensure the pain is only in your muscles, not your feet.

Give sweaty feet no chance with adidas men's sport socks

Remember those smelly gym socks from your PE gym bag? Well, adidas are here to make sure your gym outfit always smells fresh. Some of our men's gym socks are made with an ultralight material and equipped with mesh inserts to increase ventilation while working out. Avoid sweating through the fabric and stay dry throughout your training session. Ankle compression gives additional support to your more vulnerable foot areas and anti-slip yarn ensures you stay safely in your shoes. The light-knit cotton material in our traditional crew socks also allows for increased airflow.