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Have a pair of adidas Originals socks

Socks are a must-have for everybody, and you better get them from someone who knows feet quite well. adidas Originals socks keep your feet happy and dry no matter what adventures you are heading out for. Be it a ten-mile hike or for an energetic Saturday night, adidas Originals socks offers every comfort you need for your feet.

Classy socks for every occasion

What separates adidas Originals socks from others is the built-in arch support and additional cushioning for the soles of your feet. The fabric used absorbs sweat in a flash, keeping your feet fresh with no fear of foul odours, even after hours of wearing them. But the classiest aspect of every adidas Originals sock is the iconic Trefoil knit right into the socks, separating them from the regular ones. If the Trefoil isn’t there, you will always have the famous 3-Stripes.

Getting the perfect fit

adidas Originals socks combine durability without sacrificing on comfort. They are designed to stay snugly on the feet with no wrinkles, always ensuring a perfect, lightweight fit without any need for careful adjustment. Designed to fit all foot sizes and shapes, you can pick up any pair and be assured of the right fit, which is key when it comes to socks.

Sleek & original socks

Go low profile with the no-show look or go for the traditional style with the adidas stripes or the Trefoil peeking above your sneakers, catching people’s eye only when they are looking for it. And you can tell a lot about a person from the socks they are wearing, so better take no chances by sporting a pair of evergreen adidas Originals socks! Loaded with iconic details, they are sleek and match with any sneakers of your choice. Socks engineered for exceptional comfort and performance, keep your feet happy with these adidas Originals socks!