Running Trousers


Fashionably practical

Although many running bottoms are seen as a fashion item for both men and women, thanks to their casual design, comfort and fit they’re primarily used for exercise. Built for all-weather running, adidas running trousers are lightweight and designed for movement. When you wear a pair of our running trousers, the Formotion design follows the natural movement of your body, providing you with optimal comfort all the time you’re in motion.

All-weather running

In cold conditions, our running bottoms will ensure you stay dry and warm, while in hot weather they’ll manage moisture and wick sweat from your body, which in turn prevents chafing. In wet weather you can opt to wear running trousers with a water-repellent fabric which also comes with reflective details, ideal for low-level light or misty conditions.

Feel the heat

Running pants are a good item to wear during a warm-up as the heat you trap in them warms up your leg muscles quickly. They’re also a great piece of kit to wear if you want to burn calories, as their length and weight cause your legs to heat up and sweat more during runs. As your body cools down, it uses up spare calories. Although your running pants will increase your body heat, the special fabrics – like sweat-wicking Climalite – will keep you dry in every condition. This means that despite sweating more, your legs won’t be wet thanks to the breathable fabric.

Full leg protection

Running pants also provide you with valuable protection from the elements. As your legs are vulnerable to the sun, wearing a pair of running trousers protects you from UV rays and helps prevent sunburn. You’ll also avoid bites from bugs and unwanted brushes with wildlife when you’re trail running. No matter what the weather or terrain, you can feel completely protected in a pair of adidas running trousers.