Womens Black Superstar Trainers


Women's black Superstar – revamped, revitalised and revolutionary

Fashion knows no limits with the ultra-bold women's black Superstar range from adidas. Leisure sneakers for pleasure seekers, these eccentric, fashion-forward shoes range from revamped versions of classic iconic styles to kicks with a complete new take on street culture. Maintaining the adidas commitment to comfort and usability, data-driven technology ensures the functionality of your shoes matches the style. In the black Superstar range, the quality is a given, comfort is a necessity and style is the rule. Pick shoes with boosted midsoles for extra support and bounce in your step and superior traction that offers non-slip pavement grip. Vegan and recycled material options are available as part of the adidas plight towards a greener planet.

Sending the world a message with adidas Superstar trainers

Forward-thinking owners-of-the-look, step forward and claim your space with a confidence to wear the label that has been standing out for half a century. Launched in 1970, adidas Superstar has given an edge to legendary shoes within the adidas range, such as the shell toe. With trend-centric nods to global messages and fashions like no other, shoes range from animal print to platforms, studded to polka dots, with slick classic leather 3-Stripes variants in between. The black Superstar range for women has a pair of trainers for every occasion of your leisure life – taking you from the dancefloor to the street with absolute freedom to be who you are.

Fashion-forward feet or classic sophistication

Use your Superstars as a statement or wear them for comfort, either way it won’t take much to stand out from the crowd. Complement your women's black Superstar trainers with a host of legendary leisurewear items from adidas that will bring out the rockstar in you, or show the world your slicker, more sophisticated approach to iconic kicks. With loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms, midriff cropped hoodies and seamless bodysuits, you can create a classy, relaxed streetwear vibe and say it all with just one look. More subdued, classic variants with leather and timeless finishes have the sophistication to hold their own at smart-casual events.