Women's Golfing Clothes

For early morning tee-offs or late afternoons on the back nine, golf clothing for ladies has everything you need to build your outfit from a variety of items in different styles that have you covered no matter your personal preference.

Ladies golf clothing

When it comes to ladies golf clothing, the adidas collection offers a complete selection of sportswear that will give you support and confidence as you head out on the course. Go for trousers or shorts if you’re looking for a casual look, opt for a sports skirt if you’re feeling more feminine, and to complete your outfit choose a t-shirt, polo shirt or sleeveless shirt. For the colder months, stay warm with a jacket, sweater or gilet if you want full freedom of movement as you swing your golf clubs.

Technologically fit

Each and every item in the ladies golf clothing collection has been equipped with technologies designed to give you maximum comfort and help enhance your performance. This includes the use of fabric such as Climalite, which is lightweight and helps conduct sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and cool throughout the day. Movement is made easier with the use of fabric that allows a four-way stretch, while sportswear using Climaproof fabric will keep you dry when it’s raining or windy outside. And if you’re feeling environmentally conscious, you can choose an outfit made entirely from recycled material, as adidas often uses recycled polyester to help with the reduction of emissions.

Your game, your style

Style up your golf outfit to your very own taste – the adidas ladies golf clothing collection includes variety in terms of both products and fits. Whether you prefer your trousers to be full-length or cropped, you’ll be able to choose between a regular fit which gives you more freedom of movement, or a slim fit for a more modern look. When it comes to tops, both regular and athletic fits are available, with the latter narrowing down at the waist. But style can also intersect with practicality, such as pockets which can add to the character of an outfit while being perfect to store some essentials as you’re out for the day.