Womens Sports Hoodies


Women's performance sports hoodies

You won't need to look very far to find yourself the perfect women's sports hoodies. Their primary purpose is to keep you nice and dry in most outdoor training conditions, while allowing you to still have full range of motion and freedom of movement. They support your activities, rather than compromising them, so you don't have to hold back just because you need to wear some extra clothing when it gets cold outside and you want to keep up your fitness routine or have an interest in winter sports.

Advanced technology for support and full range of movement

Our women's performance sports hoodies give you a sleek look by lightly moulding themselves to your body. This has a very practical advantage too: everything is designed to stay in place while you move, including the hoodie itself. For overhead stretches, we've used the adidas FreeLift Pattern of construction, so that you'll retain full coverage no matter how much you're exerting yourself. This technology also gives a slightly stretchy feel, and a little extra muscle support that keeps you feeling comfortable even as you're pushing your limits. Sweat-wicking fabric combines with airflow technology to reduce perspiration effects.

Casual sports hoodies for women in a range of fleecy styles

Our more casual ranges of women's performance sports hoodies have been designed with your image in mind. You can choose from a variety of adidas branding styles, as well as the odd franchised designed from modern sports or film culture. These are designed to be worn as outwear before or after exercising, or just as casual wear when you're out and about. Their brushed fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester fleece, and they're insulated with adidas technology to ensure that you're always kept warm and comfortable, whether on the sports field or at the supermarket.