Black Backpacks & Rucksacks

You can't go wrong with black backpacks and rucksacks, whether you're heading off hiking, to the gym or to school. Find your perfect travelling companion, whoever you are and wherever you're going.

Stylish and versatile black backpacks & rucksacks

A backpack is a practical type of bag that you can carry everywhere with you, whether you’re heading to the gym, going on a hike, or simply commuting to work, and if you are looking for a style that you can match with most outfits then you can’t go wrong with a classic colour such as black. In this selection of black backpacks & rucksacks by adidas, you will find styles made with fabric that offer flexibility, black backpacks made with leather for better protection of your gear against the rain, and those made with mesh that are breathable and ideal for carrying to and from the pool.

Find the optimal support

Black backpacks & rucksacks by adidas are designed to offer optimal comfort and adequate support in order to alleviate stress from your shoulders. This starts with adequate straps that are adjustable to give you the perfect fit, while padding will ease the impact on your back. Styles with a mesh panel at the back increase ventilation and breathability, while a chest strap will ensure the load is distributed evenly; black rucksacks with a carry loop are easier to lift off the ground and, when not in use, can be hung to save on storage space.

Practical features for the perfect fit

Go for the perfect fit when choosing your favourite amongst black backpacks & rucksacks from adidas by examining the features incorporated in each style that would be useful to you. If you are using your backpack to commute to work, look for a style with an incorporated laptop compartment; if you want additional protection from harsh weather, look for a style equipped with a flap top that will keep rain and wind out; and if you’re using your adidas black backpack to carry your gym gear, look for styles with a dedicated ventilated pocket on the outside that you can use to store your shoes.