Shoulder Bags


adidas shoulder bags for every occasion

Spice up your outfit with an adidas shoulder bag. Designed to be both stylish and useful, these shoulder bags are an effortless way to keep all of your important items close to you. Sporty yet chic, adidas shoulder bags have two compartments that allow you to maximise space and bring everything you need on the go. With an adjustable strap, you can personalise your bag to fit you perfectly. Inspired by vintage and retro styles, adidas shoulder bags are a classic accessory with a modern twist.

Pick the style of adidas shoulder bag that works for you

No matter what your personal style is, it is possible to find an adidas shoulder bag that works perfectly for you. For a chic and classic accessory, opt for a bag that is either black, white or grey. If you would like to spice up your look, you can select a bold colour, such as red, blue, orange, or even a multicoloured pattern. While some shoulder bags simply have the classic adidas logo, others include the iconic Trefoil symbol that has become so famous. Some bags are made out of recycled polyester, which allows them to dry quickly and to be easily cleaned. Others are composed of imitation leather, which adds an element of elegance. Different sizes are available as well, depending on what you will be using the bag for and how many items you need to carry. Gym bags are designed to easily carry workout clothing and shoes, while festival bags are meant for smaller items, such as a wallet and keys. If you plan on using your adidas shoulder bag for yoga, you can opt for a tote bag in order to easily carry your gear. There is an adidas shoulder bag for every occasion, allowing you to easily and securely store your belongings whenever you are on the go.