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adidas Y-3 Collection for Women

Y-3 Classic Sheer Knit Crew Sweater
Y-3 Classic Seamless Knit Long Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Classic Seamless Knit Tights
Classic Tech Silk Hooded Top
Y-3 Classic Tech Silk Cargo Pants
Y-3 Classic Tights
Y-3 Classic Light Shell Hooded Windbreaker
Y-3 Classic Seamless Knit Sport Top (Cropped)
Y-3 Classic Light Shell Shorts
Y-3 Classic Puffy Down Hooded Coat
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tee
Y-3 Running Cap
Y-3 Gazelle
Y-3 Makura
Y-3 Slides
Classic Refined Wool Cuffed Track Pants
Classic Refined Wool Track Top
Classic Dorico Nylon Hooded Trench Coat
Y-3 3-Stripes Long Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Leopard Knit Crew Sweater
Y-3 Leopard Knit Cardigan
Y-3 3-Stripes Short Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Sheer Leopard Dress
Engineered 3-Stripes Track Jacket
Y-3 Sheer Leopard Skirt
Y-3 Football Long Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Zine Page-1 Short Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Square Logo Short Sleeve Tee
Y-3 Camo Knit Crew Sweatshirt
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Hoodie
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tee
Y-3 Classic Refined Wool Stretch Hooded Vest
Y-3 Classic Refined Wool Stretch Hooded Vest
Y-3 Classic Light Stretch Woven Shorts
Y-3 CH2 Pleated Tunik
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tee
Y-3 CH1 Terrex Hooded Poncho
Y-3 CH1 Track Skort
Y-3 Swim Y-Cut Leggings
Y-3 Swim Tank Top
Y-3 CL Long Trench Coat
Y-3 Craft 3-Stripes Dress

Introducing the adidas Y-3 collection for women

Yohji Yamamoto’s adidas Y-3 collection for women includes designer clothing, shoes and accessories that look great in casual or upscale settings. These unique styles combine elegance with athletic designs. Many of the pieces in the adidas Y-3 collection for women are crafted from simple, elegant, black materials for a dressy effect. You’ll find a few, however, in white or colour, while some boast logos or the adidas 3-Stripes to blend the sporty side of fashion with the elegance of basic black fabric.

Unparalleled comfort with Y-3 clothing from adidas

Some of the more unique pieces from the adidas Y-3 collection for women are the dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. These pieces deliver a smart style while keeping your look athletic enough to wear with the edgy running shoes that are also part of the Y-3 collection. Shirts and sweatshirts from the Y-3 collection come in styles that are comfortable in warm or cool weather, with layering always an option. Shorts, tights, joggers and slim-cut pants complement the Y-3 tops for a matched outfit. Choose a complete ensemble from this trendy collection or mix and match pieces with other adidas garments to create a look that’s all your own.

Find your perfect Y-3 shoes and accessories

The shoes in the adidas Y-3 collection for women come in various styles and combine features like clean lines, unique textures and lightweight breathable materials. Details like rubber outsoles provide grip for moving on hard surfaces. Some styles feature anatomically contoured heels for added support, or EVA midsoles that are lightweight and flexible. The inspired range of Y-3 accessories includes backpacks, socks, caps, beanies and gym sacks. Features like inner pockets that zip to protect valuable items and bags with padded straps to protect your shoulders work to help Y-3 wearers feeling as good as they look.